Online Office - FAQs

What is the Online Office?
The Online Office is a website that provides access to information, services and electronic transactions of the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council.
When is the office operational?
The Online Office operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It may close down occasionally for maintenance purposes. In these cases, users will be re-directed to an alternative site (Opens in new window) where they will be able to obtain information on different alternative where to perform any relevant transactions (010, Citizen Service Offices).
Can people with physical or mental disabilities access the Online Office site?
The Online Office, as well as the municipal website, offers excellent accessibility features for people with disabilities. With this in view, the city council applies the rules defined by the W3C, an international body that governs web accessibility standards.
Can I process transactions in the Office on Sundays or holidays?
Indeed, the Online Office allows users to process transactions every day of the year; however, in the case of transactions processed on a Sunday or holiday (established on the Office holiday calendar) the effective processing date will be the following work day. See official calendar.
What time is valid when processing a transaction?
The date and time the processing ends will be registered. If, for example, you started a transaction at 23:55, but finished it at 00:50, the date and time registered for the transaction will be that when the transaction was completed.
According to current legislation, the official date and time of the Online Office will be synchronized with the Royal Navy Institute and Observatory (Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada). See official date and time
Is the Online Office a safe space?
The Online Office is a secure electronic environment in which information is encrypted, therefore its address will always start with https://, i.e.

If you type the address of the Online Office incorrectly, beginning with http:// instead of https://, you will receive a message informing you that you have not successfully logged in to Office and you will be automatically redirected to safe address (https://).
What security guarantees does the Online Office offer?
At the Online Office information is transmitted in encrypted format, ensuring secure communications in both directions. In addition, any personal information provided by citizens during their transactions and procedures is treated confidentially and the necessary measures are adopted to prevent that information from being altered, lost, treated or accessed in any unauthorised manner in compliance with the Organic Law on the Protection Personal Data and associated legislation.
¿How is the Online Office used and regulated?
The ownership, management and administration of this Online Office corresponds to the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council It complies with the requirements established in Law 11/2007, dated 22 June, on the electronic access to public services by citizens. The said law was developed through the By-law Regulating the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council Online Office.
What digital identification means should I use to connect to the Online Office?
To access the site you must have a personal identification card, such as the Municipal Citizen Card (TMC) issued by the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, the card certified by the Basque Entity, Izenpe, or an electronic ID, which can be obtained from the Nation Identity Card office.
At the Online Office, can I perform the same transactions with the Municipal Card (TMC) as with my ID card or IZENPE digital certificate?
Electronic ID cards and IZENPE digital certificates enable you to perform all the operations provided by the Vitoria-Gasteiz Online Office. The Municipal Citizen Card (TMC) can also be used on the Online Office, but as it is not a digital certificate and, therefore, when a digital certificate is required, for electronic registration for example, the TMC cannot be used.
See more FAQs on digital ID cards
What browsers can be used with the Online Office?
The Online Office can be used, in principle, on any browser. However, we recommend using Microsoft Explorer browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
Can I access the Online Office from my mobile phone?
The Online Office is accessible using some browers used by some mobile phones, known as smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry ...). However, full operational features can be achieved on Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The Online Office does not currently have a WAP portal that can be used by any mobile phone with Internet access.
When I am performing a transaction at the Online Office and I try to submit it, a screen appears indicating that the session has expired and that I have to start from beginning again. Why does this happen?
As in most electronic transaction sites, if users log-in and do not perform any action for specific period of time, the site expires for safety reasons. In this case, you will have to log-in again and, sometimes, repeat the entire process.
Recommendation: to prevent the session from expiring when having to write a long text, write the text previously on a word processor (e.g. Word), copy it and then paste it in the relevant space in the On-ling Office.
¿Cómo se usa el registro electrónico?: características de los documentos y pasos a seguir.
Es necesario conectarse con un certificado digital. Los documentos que se presenten deben tener formato PDF, y el nombre contener menos de 64 caracteres.

Pasos del asistente:
  • Datos personales.
  • Impreso de solicitud: tamaño máximo 1 mega. (No cumplimentar desde el navegador. Descargar la solicitud REDO en el equipo, una vez descargarda abrirla con el programa Adobe Acrobat, completarla y guardarla.).
  • Documentación adicional: tamaño máximo de cada documento 50 megas.
  • Firmar y registrar.