Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council - Accessibility

The municipal website takes into account WCAG 2.0 Double-A standards developed by the working group belonging to the W3C WAI.

The source code of the pages complies with XHTML 1.0 transitional, and has been prepared using CSS 2.

Nivel 2 de adecuación a las pautas de accesibilidad al contenido web Lenguaje de marcado de hipertexto extendido 1.0Hojas de estilo en cascada 2.0

Exceptions to this are the pages that use resources from other websites to access resources on social networks, maps...

Available technical assistance

Liquid design

The website has been designed using relative units adapted to the width of the browser. Therefore it can be displayed correctly on any device.

Font size

The font size used is relative; it may be increased or reduced using your browser's settings or using the links at the top of the page.


The language can be changed at any time and the information will be presented in the selected language, if available.

User Preferences

The website uses cookies to store the language and font size preferences of users and to display them as default values when revisiting the site. These cookies are only used to store user preferences and are in no way linked to personal information. If this is your first visit, the site will appear in the default language used by your browser.

Voice function

The voice function is complementary to other measures to improve the accessibility of web pages for people with different disabilities in reading, learning, cognitive or mental.