Online Office - Verification of Certificates

Online Office certificate issued by Izenpe

The authenticity of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Online Office is guaranteed by a specific digital certificate for Online Offices issued by Izenpe ( in new window)). This certificate can also be used to establish an encrypted connection between the users' browsers and the online platform, reducing the chances of it being intercepted

If the online office certificate is to fulfil its function correctly, the browser used must recognise Izenpe as the certifying authority, which requires installing its root certificate(Opens in new window) in the browser.

If the root certificate is not installed, the browser will display a warning message, similar to the one displayed in the image, indicating that the site is not a trusted site.

Verification of Certificates

This situation can be solved easily by downloading Izenpe's root certificate(Opens in new window). Once downloaded, double-click the file and follow the installation steps to install it on your default browser.

Verifying the authenticity of the office:

Once Izenpe's root certificate has been installed on the browser, you may check the authenticity of the online office certificate (and therefore of the Online Office.) Below is an explanation on how to perform the said verification on different browsers:

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome:

Next to the address bar, these browsers have a small padlock icon that indicates that the connection is secure. If you click on the padlock, a window will appear where you may check, among other things, the identity of the Office.

Mozilla Firefox:

In the case of secure connections, this browser presents the name of the Site identified, in a green frame, to the left of the address bar.

Simply place the mouse pointer on the said name and a message will be displayed stating "Verified by ..." and the name of the Certification Authority that guarantees the identity. If you also click on the name, a window with additional information and a button to access the certificate data will appear.